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Often your logo will determine the first impression a potential client will make of your brand. That's why it’s so important that your logo is memorable and an accurate description of your brand. Your logo should be well-designed so it can last through the years, as well as continue to convey your business successfully. 

My branding process begins with getting to know you and your business so I can accurately convey your vision through the design. I also research your competitors and provide you with a questionnaire to help guide your design preferences. Once the logo design is complete, I will provide you with files in all color-ways and formats you may need for future work, as well as a brand style guide. If requested, I will design additional branding materials like business cards, signage, marketing materials, merchandise, etc. 




If you're looking to take your merchandise or marketing to the next level, consider incorporating an original illustration. Whether it's for a restaurant menu, concert poster, t-shirt, package design, etc. including an illustration can really personalize your design. 

I offer a range of illustration services such as hand-drawn, water color, digitally-painted, photo-realistic, vector art, infographics, etc. 




A well-done package design is a huge part of your customer's experience with your product. The exterior is the the first point of contact a consumer has with your product and it can greatly affect their opinion of your business. Enhance your consumers experience and attract new ones, with original, clever packaging.

I help business' market their products to their full potential by enhancing them with well-designed package designs. This could range from food packaging, shopping bags, mailing boxes, book covers, product bottles, and much more. 


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